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The SAChE Certificate Program offers working engineers an easy way to access a selection of knowledge about chemical process safety. Originally developed as a supplement to the undergraduate curriculum, these courses serve as an excellent introduction or refresher in chemical process safety for working professionals.

The program is composed of 10 independent units ranging from broad introductory overview courses to more focused, single-subject units. Each unit can be taken individually or you can take the entire series and build a serious foundation in process safety.

Choose from these classes:

Basics of Laboratory Safety

For anyone working with hazardous materials, this practical introduction—or refresher—in the safe use of lab equipment is a must.

Dust Explosion Control

Are you following the U.S. Chemical Safety Board’s recommendations for preventing dust explosions? Learn what they are and how they must be applied.

Inherently Safer Design

Process safety leaders don’t simply control hazards. They eliminate them. Learn their strategy and how to apply it.

Nitrogen's Role in Safety

Nitrogen comes with benefits—and serious risks. Learn how to address the safety challenges associated with its handling and use.

Process Safety 101

From process controls to flammability, get up-to-speed on critical U.S. process safety regulations and related concepts.

Risk Assessment

A critical update for anyone involved in plant safety. Learn how to better assess, manage and reduce risk using today’s most innovative strategies.

Runaway Reactions

What you need to do and when to control and contain chemical reactions. An excellent introduction or refresher for anyone who handles chemicals.